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Choosing a preschool is big. At Springboard Padmanabhanagar, we make early learning joyful and meaningful.

Our experienced team, innovative lessons, and warm environment start kids off right. We’re more than a school, we’re a family.

Ready to join? Fill out our simple admission form. Your child’s amazing learning adventure is about to begin with us. Let’s make these early years the best they can be!

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Spaces that inspire curiosity, learning through play, and the joy of discovery in every corner.



Peace of mind with our commitment to safety, cleanliness, and a nurturing environment for your kids.



Programs focused on intellectual, physical, and emotional growth, crafting well-rounded individuals.

About Us

Welcome to SpringBoard Preschool in Padmanabhanagar, Bangalore! Our space transforms curiosity into a deep love for learning. The iCan Learning System isn’t just academics; it’s about nurturing confident, curious learners.

Safety is a promise. Our Preschool Classrooms are secure spaces where freedom, joy, and imagination flourish. Here, every laugh, dream, and question is a step toward wonderful discoveries.

At Our SpringBoard International Preschool, creativity isn’t a lesson; it’s our ethos. We inspire the ‘what if’ and open doors to endless possibilities. We’re not just a school; we’re the starting line for life’s most exciting adventures, crafting stories with love and wonder.

Want to be part of our world? We’re just a call away. Let’s talk about the journey awaiting your child. Here, we don’t just teach; we safeguard dreams, building a place where those dreams spread their wings.



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Family Fun Time

Letter Tracing Fun

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