About Us

About Springboard

Spring Board International Preschool in Padmanabhanagar, a place where young children get a great start to their learning journey. We are part of a big family of over 75 Spring Board preschools across India. Here in Padmanabhanagar, we focus on making learning fun and exciting for kids. We believe that each child is special and we help them learn new things, play, and grow in a happy and safe place.

Our preschool in Padmanabhanagar is filled with caring teachers who make sure every child feels at home. We have lots of different activities that help children learn about the world, make friends, and prepare for school. Our classrooms are colorful and fun places where kids can be creative and learn at their own pace. At Spring Board, we are not just about books and learning; we are about helping each child be their best self.

Our Core Values

Child-Centered Learning

Focus on each child's unique learning needs.

Safety and Wellbeing

Always ensuring kids' safety and happiness.

Creativity and Exploration

Promoting play, creativity, and curious minds

Growth and Development

Supporting overall growth in fun ways.

Partnership with Parents

Parents and teachers together support kids.